an affirming alternative for lgbt+ alumni
and students of Bob Jones University



MEET Tim Tyson, Ed D

Gay people don’t struggle with homosexuality, the way the church inaccurately tries to characterize us. We struggle with the church’s lack of love, with the church’s bullying and hate speech. We struggle with the church promoting a broad religious culture that makes discrimination acceptable inside the church community and out....



Statement on BJU’s CoRE Conference for 2019

01.15.19 Your friends at BJUnity would like to provide this statement on Bob Jones University’s upcoming CoRE Conference, scheduled for February 11th and 12th this year. BJU has announced that the …


BJUnity is going to Chicago!

02.19.18 BJUnity is going to Chicago for Pride in 2018, June 23-24. Join us! While event details are still forthcoming, past ReConnects have included a reunion party, our annual open board …



SIGN The Petition

The Bob Jones University chancellor told a news reporter that the US would be better off if gay men and lesbians were stoned to death "as the Bible commands." We are asking for an apology and a substantive change in BJU's rhetoric. Please add your voice to ours by signing the petition.



Months of hopes, dreams, conversations, careful plans and purposeful actions have brought us to this wonderful day! Generations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and straight affirming alumni of Bob Jones University—spanning more than six decades—finally and officially have an alternative organization for networking and support. We are not alone!

To our LGBT+ alumni family and friends: the time for change is upon us! We are here visibly, actively, and positively to affirm you. No matter the harsh mistreatment you may have endured, your Bob Jones University LGBT+ family—BJUnity—is here for you, always. We love you. We stand with you. You are not alone anymore!

To our fundamentalist friends and family: the time for change is upon us! You may have been told otherwise, but we are people just like you. People you have known and loved. People who love you still. We are here to establish common ground for reconciliation with you. We want you to understand who we are. We want to share with you our joys and our sorrows, our hopes and dreams. We are your beloved children, siblings and friends. We love you. We miss you. We are here for you, too!

To the frightened student struggling with his or her sexuality at Bob Jones University or in its sister Independent Fundamental organizations: the time for change is upon us! Please know that you are not alone. We understand very well what you are going through. We have been where you are ourselves. We are here to support you, confidentially, and to offer a listening ear, a compassionate shoulder, a helping hand, and a warm embrace as you find your own way and your own answers in this struggle between your faith and your innate sexuality. We love you. You are not alone. You don’t ever have to be alone anymore!

To the administrators of Bob Jones University: the time for change is upon us! For long years you have denied our existence, disparaged our reputations, destroyed our lives, and demonized our souls. We love you, too, hard as that may be for many of us to say through all the pain. We have many fond memories of our time at BJU and count some of you among our long-time friends. Today, we are making our presence known, publicly and permanently. We long for dialogue with you. We long to help you change the way LGBT+ students at Bob Jones University are treated; many of them have known no other life apart from fundamentalism and yet wrestle daily, silently with feelings of despair and isolation because of the harsh words you preach and the misconceptions you have instilled. We love you. We love them. We’re here to change the conversation!

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