BJUnity to sponsor a Bob Jones University unHomecoming event

BJUnity unHomecoming

BJUnity sponsors unHomecoming, an alternative to the BJU event

Over the course of it’s nearly 90 year history, Bob Jones University has told many of its alumni and former students they are unwelcome on its campus and even threatened them with arrest should they return.

So this week, we’re going to have an unHomecoming for all those folks in the Greenville area and beyond who might like to reconnect with a former classmate who isn’t invited to the official homecoming at BJU this weekend. We promise twice the fun and none of the judgment (okay, maybe if you’re wearing a paisley shirt and polka dot pants, we might get a little judgy about your fashion sensibilities, but no one’s going to put you on spiritual probation for it)!

Unlike that other event, everyone is welcome at ours.  Join us at Cleveland Park Shelter #5 this Saturday afternoon between 1 and 4 pm. We’ll provide the food! You provide the family* and the friendship!^

*This is a family-friendly event. No alcoholic beverages will be served per Parks Department regulations.

^This inclusive event is sponsored by BJUnity as an alternative to the exclusive, possibly boring official homecoming events at BJU. But we won’t exclude you from our event if you also go to theirs. Promise! Even if you’re planning to see Sheffy again.

BJUnity to sponsor a Bob Jones University unHomecoming event comment