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“I’m sure this will be greatly misquoted but it would not be a bad idea to bring the swift justice today that was brought in Israel’s day against murder and rape and homosexuality. I guarantee it would solve the problem post-haste if homosexuals were stoned, if murderers were immediately killed as the Bible commands.”

-Dr. Bob Jones III

At the White House in 1980, Dr. Bob Jones III, then-president (and now chancellor) of Bob Jones University spoke to a reporter for the associated press suggesting that America would be better off if gay men and lesbians were stoned to death.

For thirty-one years he has remained unapologetic.

Thousands of young people have attended the Bob Jones family of schools in Greenville, SC under the leadership of a man who wishes some of them dead. For their sake and the sake of students yet to attend, many of whom will have difficulty accepting their sexual orientation because of Dr. Jones and his attitudes, it is time Bob Jones University and its leadership, including Dr. Jones, are made aware of the harm they have caused. Apologizing for this statement is one small step in the right direction.”

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